A Justification

I am not necessarily expecting anyone to read this blog. If, however, you have come across this page while exploring the infinite nooks and crannies of the internet then welcome!

This blog is not a journal, however its intent is to provide me a space to reason and “think out loud” about a variety of subjects. I anticipate that it will primarily be somewhere I can evaluate and discuss books, movies, and current events. A space where I can draw conclusions, make connections, and discover what my own thoughts on these subjects are. I will be very enthusiastic about things I like, critical of what I don’t, for personal taste is polarizing.

I am looking forward to writing here and finally having somewhere to get my thoughts out in a medium and format that work for me. If, to my surprise, someone does come across these personal musings and decides to interact with me – all the better! It means that a dialogue can begin. Any meaningful exchange is welcome and encouraged.


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