“Is It Just Me?” by Miranda Hart (2012)

As a fan of Miranda Hart’s from her shows Miranda and Call the Midwife I was looking forward to getting my hands on her book. I enjoy reading books by female comedians (the likes of Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman, ecc.) so I thought that this would be “such fun” to quote from her eponymous sitcom. I must also premise by saying that I am an American, and this book so clearly has an audience and expected readership pertinent to the British isle.


It just wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I was hoping for a more traditional, albeit funny, story of how Miranda Hart came to be a sitcom star later in life than most. I was looking forward to insight into the creation of her show and where the inspiration for some of those stories came to be. I wanted, basically, to feel like I was having a conversation with her over tea and learning more about her. Instead I got a different conversation. One between the author writing the book and her younger 18 year old naive self. There are moments when the gimmick works stupendously, but it isn’t consistent, the devise is also over-used. Hart tries too hard to color her younger self’s language with overtly hip slang, which could be realistic in speech, but is a bit overly garish in print. The book, though, is charming and fun and quite funny. I found myself chuckling audibly on the train more than once during my commute. All the qualities that make you a fan, if you are one, are present on the page.

I will state that I overall did enjoy reading “Is It Just Me?” and being referred to as MDRC throughout (Hart’s shorthand for My Dear Reader Chum) was lovely and entertaining. If social awkwardness and the constant state of not quite fitting in are familiar concepts to you, and who among us hasn’t wanted once or twice to insert our foot into our mouths, then this book will make you feel at ease – because, no… it really isn’t just her.

Emoji Review: 😂


3 thoughts on ““Is It Just Me?” by Miranda Hart (2012)

  1. Fingers in ears, humming, not listening lol. I got this book yesterday, I am in hope that it makes me laugh so much that I have my annoying little Muttley chuckle the one I get when I watch her on TV! 🙂


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