Scrotal Recall – Season 1

All episodes written by: Tom Edge

Don’t let this series’ unfortunate name scare you off, it would be a shame if it did, because you’d be missing a great little British show that is fun and really engaging.

Over the course of six short episodes I was hooked and couldn’t get enough of a group of three friends and the hijinks they got themselves in. I must premise this with the fact that I am a sucker for most British shows, especially their sitcoms, even if derivative. I have loved and seen every episode of The Office, Extras, Derek, Miranda, Coupling, The Vicar of DebleyDownton Abbey, Call the Midwife, Broadchurch, The Fall, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, The Catherine Tate ShowHappy Valley… Yeah, ok, I am a little obsessed. Even in spite of several cliches that are used as plot devices and character arcs in this show, I still very much enjoyed it and look forward to a second season. Knowing the way British television works, though, it could be a while, which is a real shame because of how great this season was.

Doctor: “You have tested positive for Chlamydia.”
Dylan: “That doesn’t sound very positive.”

The series opens with these catastrophic words. In a clinic, Dylan (Johnny Flynn), the show’s protagonist, finds out that he has a sexually transmitted disease and must therefore contact his previous sexual partners to inform them of the issue. Dylan dislikes the idea of mailing impersonal postcards with the news, so he decides to contact each woman directly, either over the phone or in person, to tell them the news. This also provides the framing of each episode. The chapters all center around one woman on the list, and the scenes open and close in the present time, yet the majority of the action takes place in the past, at the time Dylan dated or slept with the various women.

Along for the journey are Dylan’s flatmates and best friends. Luke (Daniel Ings) is a very handsome bloke, always horny and perennially a man-child, not taking many things seriously and definitely not the voice of reason. Evie (Antonia Thomas) is a shy, beautiful, creative girl – a perfect girl – and therefore the archetypal woman we must root for to end up with our bumbling, Hugh Grant-esque protagonist, in a will-they-or-won’t-they dynamic that is at the center of basically every sitcom out there that centers on a group of good looking, young-ish characters.

Luckily the show is really funny, and given that each episode refreshes with new characters yet has the stability of three fun and likable core members, it is always fresh and fun. Nothing about this show is ground breaking, but it’s not offensive, it is intelligent, it is ridiculous but also grounded in enough reality not to grow annoying. There are more reasons to watch than not to. So get past the terrible show title, and invest three hours of your life watching this great and fun little series that is bound to fill you with joy and bring a smile to your lips.


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