Miniseries: “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” (2016)

Writers & Directors: Amy Sherman-Palladino & Daniel Palladino
Cast: Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Scott Patterson, Kelly Bishop, Liza Weil, Milo Ventimiglia, Matt Czuchry, Alex Borstein, Alex Kingston, Ray Wise, Melissa McCarthy, Jared Padalecki, Dan Bucatinsky, Mae Whitman, Carole King, Sutton Foster, Jason Ritter, Peter Krause, Jason Mantzoukas.

If you haven’t watched every single episode of Gilmore Girls then this revival is definitely not for you. There are times where I questioned who this revival was for, and while it is somewhat satisfying for a good chunk of the show’s older and newer fans, the answer I truly came up with is this: the revival was for Amy Sherman-Palladino. Who is this woman? She is the creator and writer of the show during its first six seasons. Due to money disputes she was not at the helm of the show in its last season, and thus wasn’t able to end it the way she always wanted to. Thanks to the powerhouse that is Netflix, the show has found a new audience and enough people streamed the series (me included) that the streaming network gave ASP the opportunity to make a four part miniseries to wrap it all up the way she always intended to. Fans were happy! They would get to return to Stars Hollow, CT one more time and bask in all things pumpkin spice latte (because who are we kidding? If there is one thing Gilmore Girls is it’s that the show is so utterly and unapologetically basic).


I, like many people, watched the four episodes Thanksgiving weekend. Watched? I meant binged. In the time since I have had a few conversations about it, and have seen quite the various reactions on Facebook amongst my acquaintances who have also watched the revival. The show has definitely caused people to have strong feelings about it, and I’d be lying if I didn’t include myself in there as well.

I enjoyed the original run of the show, but there were characters I can honestly say that I loathed. It’s like when I watch Game of Thrones. I hate hate hate Cersei, she is the worst, I want all the bad things to happen to her. But I also love to hate her and am glad there is someone on the show to root against. Why am I talking about villains when discussing a show as vanilla as GG? Because I have always watched it in the key in which Rory Gilmore is the villain and the all around worst human being on the planet. If you do that, the show becomes immediately better and more fun. Rory sucks. At her job. At her relationships. At friendship. At being stable. At being normal. Sometimes at being a human earthling. The show wants you to think otherwise because she talks fast and she reads books. But no. She is loathsome. Girl, get your shit together, for the love of leggings and yoga pants! You are 32 years old. 32!!!! It’s no longer cute, it never was. Paris should have been the star. She was robbed, and she rules in her boss ass bitch stilettos over your dumb Ugg Boots! This shit has got to end at some point. #rorycansuckit

Both Gilmore ladies are quite entitled and privileged and that doesn’t change here in the least, but while Lorelai (played by the likable Lauren Graham) does mature a little, and once in a while acknowledges that she can suck, Rory never does (and it doesn’t help that Alexis Bledel is not the best at acting, or apparently even holding things). If you think I’m the only one that thinks Rory sucks, well… I hate to break it to you. Suddenly this has become an “I hate Rory” post. Let’s digress. Because there are some nice things about the revival. Right?!

Everyone comes back, with the sad exception of Edward Herrmann who sadly passed away couple of years ago, as did his character, the lone male Gilmore, and the sad event informs a lot of the series. Some of the cameos will leave you wanting more (empress Sookie, queen Paris), some will have you scream for mercy (Logan, Kirk… so so so much Kirk). Some people you loved on the show show up for such little screen time you literally will struggle to register their presence before they immediately disappear (Miss Patty, was that you? Mrs. Kim? The never before seen Mr. Kim gets the same amount of camera time as his awesome wife). Yet a Stars Hollow musical starring Sutton Foster and her ex-husband (uh… awkward much?) goes on and on and on. Hamilton this is not. Hell, Shrek the Musical this is not.

Did I laugh? Yeah, the show is fun in spite of itself. Did I tear up? Once, because Melissa McCarthy is bae. Would I recommend watching it? Sure. It’s fun, light, vanilla buttercream frosting on a Magnolia bakery cupcake: all empty calories, but yummy, even if there are much better cupcakes out there. Cupcakes, probably another item Rory would not know how to hold, eat, and she would probably end up sleeping with it and being rude to it, cuz Rory is what? That’s right, awful. Ultimately, ASP wanted at all costs the show to end with four special words. When those words are finally spoken my reaction was to roll my eyes. Sure, they would have made sense when Rory was in her early twenties, but 32? Really? Seriously? 32????



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