Lovesick (Scrotal Recall) – Season 2

Sure, Scrotal Recall was not the best name on the planet, but it was memorable and fun, and it invited a conversation when you’d recommend it to a friend. I watched it after a friend recommended it to me, and seeing how adamant she was for me to see it in spite of the name made it that more urgent for me to see it. Other shows who either outgrew their title or never really liked it either stuck with it, or made it an inside joke with the audience, making it that much more fun (I’m looking at you, Cougar Town). Lovesick is safer, but also more boring, which is also how I would categorize the second season of the show as a whole. A show, I would add, I so thoroughly enjoyed in its first season, and whose praises I sang in this very blog over a year ago.

The first season of the series was witty, sharp, and downright funny. The opening lines that made a joke out of an STD diagnosis were hilarious. Nothing, in spite of even more episodes this season, come anywhere close to that brilliance.

I was rereading my review of the first season and in it I repeatedly referred to the three protagonists of the show as fun and likable. I no longer can remember why I found them to be so, since in this second season all three characters are wholly depressed, unlikable, and never funny. All the humor was completely sucked out of the show, replacing it all with a quarter life crisis, horrific personal life choices (public masturbation, cheating, sleeping with a crush’s family member, etc.), and all around bad behavior.

Even the framing device of the show grows stale. Is it really possible to root for someone who has treated this many women so horribly? How many possible sexual partners can someone have accrued in between routine std tests? And why would we want him to end up with someone if he continues to show absolutely no sign of personal growth or maturity in spite of appearing to be well into his thirties? At least a show like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia knows its main characters suck, and by them truly embodying their worst attributes we can have fun, while rooting that they never really succeed in any endeavor. Lovesick asks us, tries to force us really, into liking these people, without ever really giving us a reason to.

Scrotal Recall was a bad name for a very good show. It’s no longer that, this new batch of episodes, in fact, just left me feeling quite sick. Definitely not Lovesick. It’s not clear yet if the show will continue, but I really hope it is nothing like the chlamydia the main character suffers from, and that it stops from keeping on giving, lest it infect us all with its bad vibes once again.


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