“Sibyls” by Melissa Bobe (2020)


This post is going to be a little different. I usually review and grade the things I talk about, be they movies, television shows, podcasts, or books. I won’t be reviewing this book, per se, and won’t be grading it either. That is because I know the author and impartiality is not something I can claim or aspire to this time around. To say that I know the author is actually an understatement. I met Melissa Bobe almost a decade ago and she is one of my closest friends. We’ve had adventures, we’ve worked together, we’ve cried together, laughed (a lot), celebrated holidays, she has slept at my house, we had dinner with her parents in the middle of the night at an all night diner, I was there to rejoice with her when she first met her fiancé and told me about him at my 30th birthday party, she was there to welcome my now husband who two weeks into us dating she told him he would be going to her wedding with me one day and this summer he will be. I love Melissa Bobe dearly and I am so excited that she has published her first book and I am doing what I can to help bring attention to it.
Sibyls is a novella that fits nicely in the speculative fiction genre. If you were to take an episode of The X-Files or Twin Peaks and place it in the town from Gilmore Girls (albeit less white and straight) this is what you would get. The town of Foreston is populated by interesting and charming people, definitely full of characters, whose lives are about to be changed forever. Following incessant and uncharacteristic weather, twelve days worth of uninterrupted rain, the town finds itself altered. The town never fully dries, no matter how much time goes by, and a sogginess permeates buildings and roads and homes. Due to the distractions caused by the rain and some unexplained psychic phenomena, the townspeople don’t realize that items from their house have gone missing, specifically speckled around town were twenty statues of sibyls, oracles who can predict the future, which have since disappeared. Stranger still, several women around town have become pregnant, all sharing the same conception date. I could definitely see David Lynch adapting this into one of his mesmerizing feature films.
To say more would detract from the magical fun to be had by reading this wonderful story full of intrigue, mystery, and a wry sense of humor. I am so happy my friend was able to realize her dream, which she has been working so hard at making come true. I am doing what I can to support her, and I truly hope that many will purchase and read her book with the hopes that more attention will be paid to her writing and skills, so that we can get a whole lot more stories from her in the future.

Click here to go on Amazon and buy yourself a copy!

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